Our goal is high material retention rates and a pleasant experience for the learners.

Calgary eLearning Production

We are a small team with BIG experience.

Calgary eLearning Production

Who said a small team can’t pack a big punch? Here is some of what we do:

Calgary eLearning Production

Our process


"They have not only helped us to introduce eLearning to our clients, but to electronicize many other resources and information that we previously managed the old fashioned “paper” way. The creative team at Skeeter Media readily understands the needs of the business and the brand.

It is always a pleasure to work with Skeeter Media, where responsiveness and support is second to none."

Karen Berg
Director, Administrative Operations
Toombs Inc.


“Working with Skeeter Media is an experience! The in-studio time is fun, energetic, and positive. We always leave with a smile on our face. Then Rob and Kathryn work their magic and the final product is consistently outstanding and customized to how we want it. Always professional, Skeeter Media is also very creative and ready to help problem solve when necessary. This is truly a world-class, high performing company.”

Debbie Muir
Great Traits Inc.


"From concept to completion, both Rob and Kathryn' personalized approach ensured we maintained a high standard of design while keeping within our budget. Kathryn's fresh perspective to designing engaging learning activities allowed us to turn a lot of content into easy to learn pieces, which made for a great learning experience for our new hires.

It's always a great experience working with Rob and Kathryn and we look forward to the next opportunity to do so!"

Jeannette Jervis
Learning Consultant
ATB Investors Services