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Skeeter Media is a Calgary-based multimedia and learning technology boutique with a big heart. We are collaborators, innovators and facilitators. Most importantly, we are lifelong learners. Energized by problem solving, our team will work with you to develop a custom-made, end-to-end program to engage and capture your audience’s full, undivided attention.



Principal, Executive Producer


Rob is the founder and namesake of Skeeter Media. With over 28 years of experience, Rob is a trusted multimedia veteran who has evolved to stay on the cutting edge of an industry that is constantly changing. An accomplished leader with an ever-present positive attitude, Rob has succeeded in leading over 350 projects (and counting!) to completion throughout his career.

His breadth of experience extends into all types of interactive multimedia projects, including training, educational, informational and entertainment productions. He is highly skilled in multimedia design, authoring and programming, and also well versed in television writing and producing, video editing and sound recording.

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Multimedia Producer


As Multimedia Producer, Kathryn brings the latest in technology and media design to Skeeter Media. Kathryn’s fresh approach, commitment to collaboration, and attention to detail ensure every client need is always met, then exceeded. Melding a creative spirit with a business mentality, Kathryn is constantly buzzing with new ideas and ways to innovate. Kathryn’s warm presence and tireless work ethic are a perfect partnership with Rob's business expertise.

Boasting a proven track record, Kathryn is solely responsible for the stylish, “Bulletless” approach to dozens of successful eLearning projects created for ATCO, Enbridge, Alberta Real Estate Association, the SHARP Foundation, Optio Group, ATB, Toombs, Nexen, Diavik and Enform.

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Instructional Designer, Writer


Terry Gilbert is Skeeter Media’s go-to instructional designer and team lead for all safety-related
eLearning projects. She has a track record of writing high-quality, engaging, outcome-oriented instructional design for corporate clients — predominately in heavy industries such as oil and gas — for classroom, web and e-learning delivery. Clients and subject matter experts will tell you that Terry is easy to work with, quickly understands client needs and content concepts, and capably applies adult learning principles in designing relevant, meaningful and applicable learning activities and curricula.


Instructional Designer, Writer


Alison Yarwood is a passionate educator with over 20 years experience in education, learning and development. She holds a Bachelor of Education, a Bachelor of Arts specializing in Psychology and Sociology, and her Yellow Belt Lean Six Sigma certification. She works with children and adults to enhance their self-awareness, expand their learning and improve their job performance.


She spent 5 years in the public sector in Alberta and the UK as a classroom teacher specializing in gifted education, special needs and charter schools. She spent years as an Instructional Designer writing courses for non-profit, telecommunications, energy and financial sectors. She now works in the private sector building corporate training programs, coaching leaders and improving team effectiveness.

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